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Sustainable Parties - Party Basket

We have created a party basket to make it easy for you to have sustainable parties.


It is free to borrow from Doubleview House. 

What is in the party basket? 

  • 20 reusable plates 

  • 20 reusable bowls

  • 20 reusable cups

  • 20 reusuable cutlery sets in storage bag (knives, forks and spoons)

  • Bunting (If you would like to make your own check out the easy to follow instructions here!)

How to borrow the party basket

  • You can book the party basket for a 4 day period

  • Write your name and contact details in the diary for the dates you wish to borrow the basket (or Contact Us to book)

  • Collect and return during office hours (weekdays 9.00am - 3.30pm) within your booking dates

  • All items are to be returned as you received them - clean, dry and packed tidily. 

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