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  • Booking App - how to update what's on?
    The Wix booking system allows to show events, courses, workshops. It is linked to a calendar. (Google calendars can be synced to it) You can limit participant numbers, take partial of full payment, create a prepaid pass. The system offers 1-on-1 sessions or classes/courses for multiple participants or just showing events. Create a one time event You can use Courses to create a one-time session. Simply choose the same date as the start date and end date. Create "view only" event - no need to book Create a course/workshop with sessions- multi-session course or workshop that starts on a particular day and ends on a particular day (manage from app, not create) Create a class - sessions at set days and times Using the Wix App Wix bookings knowledgebase
  • Booking App features
    Wix Bookings Overview Offer 1-on-1 appointments, group sessions, classes, workshops, intro calls and more Manage your schedule, calendar, staff and clients from any device Accept secure online payments for your services, memberships and packages Make it easy for clients to book and pay on-the-go with the Wix mobile app Get the industry-leading scheduling platform to manage your bookings, appointments and calendar—trusted by 11M+ businesses worldwide. - Offer Services: Let clients book 1-on-1 appointments, intro calls, group sessions, classes, workshops and more - Manage All Calendars: Add custom working hours, sync staff Google calendars, include your own booking policy and manage all your schedules from the Wix dashboard - Offer Memberships and Packages: Boost client loyalty with free trials, membership plans, punch cards and coupons - Accept Secure Online/Offline Payments: Get paid with all major credit cards and choose a payment provider, like Wix Payments, PayPal, Stripe and more - Manage Clients: View member profiles, bookings history, payment status, notes and more - Send SMS + Email reminders: Remind clients about upcoming sessions and expiring plans to reduce no-shows - Get a Customized Mobile App: Let clients book and pay for services on the go, chat with other members and stay updated - Track Your Performance: Get detailed analytics on your finances, staff performance and client attendance - Manage on Mobile: Manage your calendar, bookings, clients and sales with the Wix Mobile App
Showing events - workshops - regular classes

method 1

Adding text and image to a page (without using a calendar)

method 2

use Wix booking app functionaliy (let people book, limit numbers, set sessions, display on calendar, [take full or partial payment through website (needs higher hosting plan)]

method 3

create Facebook event that will be automatically pulled into "Boom" app on events page together with events from Wix booking app

Classes are recurring services with sessions that clients can book - no need to commit to going every time. 


  • Who leads the class

  • What day(s) and time(s) it's offered

  • How long the class lasts

  • How often it repeats

  • On what date class availability starts (e.g. starting Jan. 1) 

  • Optionally, add an end date to indicate when the class is no longer available.

  • It is also possible to go to the bookings calendar to set when classes are offered

Courses can be used to create:

  • Multi-Session Meetings:  Clients sign up and pay for an entire Course, for example, a five-week pottery course that meets once a week from March 1st to March 29th.

  • One-Time Group Services: For example, a Saturday meditation workshop held only once.

    Courses can be managed but not created in the Wix mobile app.


  • Who teaches the course

  • What day(s) and time(s) it's offered

  • How long each course session lasts

  • On what date the course starts (e.g. starting Jan. 1) 

  • How long the course lasts

  • Make the course unbookable.

  • Update the payment settings.

  • Allow clients to book multiple spots.

Facebook events
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